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Prehkeytec-keyboardPrehKeyTec’s programmability makes even the most complex application seem simple!  Our unique design allows the user to program more than 100 keystrokes behind each key providing the operator the ability to drill down into an application with a single key stroke.  This advanced programmability helps simplify operator training and enhances data input.

Our MCI series keyboards are designed to make grocery software more intuitive while increasing the overall value of the total solution.  By eliminating keystrokes, the keyboard speeds overall processing time with customers and enhances your staff’s efficiency.  Utilizing a customized solution, brings employee productivity levels up to speed quickly.

Complex Applications

‘Hot Keys’ tailored with embedded programming, automate the most common functions of your software package (e.g., frequent shopper program, special discount, item inquiry, cash back, alpha entry, refund, etc).  Our broad assortment of colored key caps provides a more professional look and feel to help even the newest user easily locate and execute the required task.  Graphical key capabilities further enhance the intuitive nature of the layout.

Tender Sale

Concerned about PCI?  PrehKeyTec can help!  We help reach your PCI compliance goals by encrypting data received from any combination of MSR, numeric, alpha or biometric input.

Aggressive Environments

Our robust keyboards are designed to withstand “Heavy Fingers” and 30 million keystrokes.  A metal base plate allows our keyboard to remain rigid – even in the most demanding environments.

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