Gain Improved ROI Through Diversified Marketing

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With more focus today on ROI, especially from marketing campaigns, there is increased pressure to ensure every dollar counts. Whether a company’s outreach is aimed at bringing awareness, driving event attendance, or announcing exciting news, diversifying marketing activities will yield the best results. Multi-touch campaigns reach targets with a consistent message in a variety of formats to reinforce branding or a message.

There is not a “silver-bullet” approach with marketing activities – not all customers will be grabbed by the same formats. The first time someone comes across one of your marketing items isn’t necessarily the tipping point in piquing their interest. They might skip a banner, tweet, or e-mail blast, but become hooked by a blog or video showcasing the same subject matter. So, for each campaign, you’ll need to utilize social media, website banners, retargeting ads, e-mail blasts, telemarketing, press releases, blogs, videos, and any other means your company has of mass communication. Of course, keep it all within your planned expenses for that campaign. You don’t want to utilize all of these outlets if it’s going to cost you more than what you’ve budgeted.

It is common for a company to invest heavily in one activity while not attempting to broaden the message with other mediums. By expanding the cost of the campaign or varying the ways to reach the customer, a company should expect a better ROI. Common methods of a multi-touch marketing campaign are to leverage email communication, contract a telemarketing service, place electronic ads, direct mail pieces, increase online presence, and produce webinars.

Multi-touch marketing is considered to be the most effective method to increase brand awareness, convert marketing to sales and show a great ROI. Over time and with a great deal of practice, a company will find the methods that work best for their particular customer base.

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