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About NCC

NCC is a leading provider of software for the hospitality and retail industries. Through a global reseller partner network, NCC has installed more than 50,000 point of sale systems in more than 35 countries.  NCC’s experienced software engineers have a deep understanding of restaurant and retail operations, which allows them to design solutions that support these businesses and work best in their environments.

NCC has been honored with the RSPA Vendor of Award of Excellence, receiving Bronze in 2012, and Silver in 2013-2015. NCC was also named a Business Solutions magazine Best Channel Vendor in 2013-2016. NCC is an RSPA Certified Vendor Partner and is PCI SSC Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) certified.


NCC offers a full suite of software applications to help retail and restaurant businesses increase operational efficiencies and profits. NCC’s suite of applications includes

  • Reflection POS: High-end POS software with an embedded operating system that is resistant to spyware and viruses. This customizable solution features a user-friendly interface with a focus on accuracy and an increase in productivity.
  • Reflection POS Tablet: Delivers all of the features and functionality of traditional, stationary POS to mobile POS tablets.
  • PC Workstation: Allows you to move your POS reporting to your back office computer to allow your POS system to work at maximum efficiency.
  • RHQ:  This hybrid-cloud server sends and receives data when it best suits your needs.
  • Retail Back Office: Back office software that includes reporting, inventory management, and price book maintenance.


Partnering with NCC  

NCC has a global channel of resellers with expertise in retail and restaurant concepts including table service, fast casual, quick service, and bar and nightclub.

For information on partnering with NCC visit: or contact

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