Google Glass To Get a Style Makeover: Why Does it Matter?

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This Monday, Google announced via their Google+ profile that they’ll be joining forces with the Mason, Ohio-based eyewear giant Luxottica Group to design, develop and distribute a new version of the innovative Google glass product.

To this point, Google Glass has only been made available on a very limited basis via the Glass Explorer Program.

Luxottica, whose retail headquarters are about 25 miles from BlueStar’s global headquarters, boasts a portfolio of brands that includes Oakley and Ray-Ban. Luxottica has also designed frames for: Chanel, Prada and Giorgio Armani.


Google has realized that in the wearable technology space, they’ll need to combine innovation with style for the fashion conscious consumer if they want Glass to take off.  Some recent examples of successfully pairing cool technology with modern style include the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch and the FitBit.

Google Glass won’t become an inexpensive product any time soon (Explorer versions are selling from between $1400 – $2000 on ebay), but if it can become a style statement on top of being an extremely useful and advanced device, it will be helpful in capturing the early-majority who typically share three traits:

  1. Disposable income
  2. Discerning taste
  3. Investment in being perceived as progressive


Sometimes, fitting our products into our users’ environments can be as important as the technology itself. Retail or hospitality business owners, for instance, may put a premium on the style or color of the devices they use in their stores. Consider giving your customers choices. Perhaps you find a partner who can offer the ability to customize or wrap hardware with graphics that match the decor or the customer’s store or aligns with their branding.

A few manufacturers in the specialized IT channel have taken note of this desire and offered their hardware in a variety of colors in order to better fit into the more brand-conscious retail and hospitality spaces.

Not familiar with GOOGLE GLASS? Watch the Video

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